Monday, 12 January 2009

Home sweet home!

Back in England again! Came back yesterday evening, to a very dirty and messy house which seems strange since I cleaned before I left (will strangle "step"-daugter at the wknd).

Back at work today which is a pity but it's still quite nice to be back home I guess (though if I'm completely honest I would't have minded staying in Sweden a bit longer).

Jewellery thing on sat went rubbish! Almost everyone called my sister and cancelled (including my sister) so in the end I only ended up with 3 people. But the 3 people that came where lovely and great fun. But moneyvise I went with a loss since I had arranged sets for 8 people to make jewellery (and only used 3 of those sets) and was hoping to sell some jewellery. But what can you do!

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