Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bye bye work!

Last day at work today! It felt really strange. After all I have been working there for the last 5 years!
I think it would have been less strange if the place wasn’t closing down and I was just leaving because I had another job or something, but seeing the place so empty and saying goodbye to everyone was just odd.
I kept altering between feeling sad and ridiculously happy. I mean I am getting some money for being made redundant so if I don’t spend it that will sure come in handy when planning the future!
I just realised that this is kind of the first time ever I’ve had a large sum of money that’s not meant for anything special…how strange!
Don’t worry I am not planning on going spending mad or anything, in fact I’m spending as little as possible until I have a new job.
Yeah yeah I know I should have started looking already but technically I am still employed for another 4 day (which just happens to be my roted days off) so I don’t have to get to stressed about it yet and I have signed up for an agency.
I just feel that this is my chance at getting a job that means something to me, or should I just get one for the money?
Wouldn’t it be great if I could find one that fills both criteria!
But I’m not thinking about that today! Today is a day for feeling a bit sad that I will never see so many people that I have seen almost everyday for the last 5 years and the knowledge that I will miss them…

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Carrie Harris said...

Leaving a job is tough. Good luck with the search!