Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I've been thinking about making wedding tiaras but find it quite a daunting task for some reason.
I have made a couple of designs for a couple wedding crowns that I would like to make, you know daint little crowns like something out of a grimms fairytale.
I used to love fairytales when I was younger. I remember this relly sweet one about a prinscess with the most beautiful voice that got taken by the trolls. She was so cute in the picture of her with red dungerees and then this little crown on her head!
And once my swedish teacher told me of for saying cinderella went to the ball 3 nights in a row. Well if you read the actually fairytale she did!
And don't get me started on the little mermaid. That one made me cry, and not in a good way. Atleast the Cinderella one has a happy ending!
Anyways Tiaras. Will definitly work on that...

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