Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Job hunting!

Should go and hunt for work today since I finish at my old job at the end of this month. I just really don't want to! I guess part of me is hoping for a small miracle meaning I wont have to and can just start doing my jewellery fulltime.
But not yet. Problem is finding a job where I don't just get saturday& sunday off. Maybe a part time job. But right now things are a bit of a mess (not my jewellery, other stuff) so I should problebly go for a fulltime job until I know for sure what's going on.
Sadly this means I have to job hunt...
This shouldn't be so hard because (and yes I know I sound full of myself) I'm damn good at what I do! Now I'm the first to admit being a clerk isn't hard work but there is still different levels of getting by on a job and I am Good! Very good infact! Then again I guess a possible future employer wont know that from just meeting me.
And yes I know that sometimes my spelling leaves more to desire but that's whats Word for ;-)
Plus to be honest I don't check my speeling as much as I should when posting blogs.
I slept late today, got up at 10 when i should have gotten up at 8.30. I feel dead guilty about thart now :-( But I was up late fixing with my new work room. I'm probebly moving soon so it might seem like a bit of a waste doing it now but I really need a workroom and I need it now. Can't wait for it to be finished! So exited!
But yeah, job hunting is next on list *sigh*

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