Sunday, 26 October 2008


For being a person that makes jewellery and is as interested in gemstones as me I really don't have much interest in diamonds! I do find it amazing that something created by nature can be so beautiful but I just can't get exited about a stone that you can copy by using a piece of cut glass.
Nature makes the most amazing things and I just find other stones more beautiful. I do get the fact that it's amazing how they are created and that they are becoming so rare but I'm just not a diamond kind of girl. I prefer Tanzanite and Sapphire and Rubies and loads of other great stones!
If I ever get married I doubt my ring will be a diamond ring. Then again I can't see myself getting married anytime soon so that's all null and void anyways :-)


Carrie Harris said...

Funny, I don't really like diamonds either.

Lina said...

They are a bit overrated aren't they!

sasha said...

I like diamonds.